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    Golden Acorn Awards
    Posted on 08/15/2018

    Whittier's 2017-18 Golden Acorn Award Recipient

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    The Golden Acorn Award is a very prestigious Washington State PTA award that is given out by the Whittier PTA in recognition of the recipient's extraordinary commitment to Whittier students, families, and staff. 

    Congratulations to Demian Minjarez, our 2017-18 Golden Acorn Award recipient! 

    Demian was the driving force behind our brand new playground. He researched the grant process, submitted the grant application, organized and led a playground committee through design, and volunteer recruitment efforts. He worked with SPS, the Department of Neighborhoods, and the playground vendor, and our own PTA to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. Demian was instrumental to the entire process, and he was intimately involved every step of the way, ensuring a successful completion to our playground! 

    Here are some of the things our community said about Demian:
    • “Demian has spent innumerable hours on the new playground, writing the grant, working with SPS, managing all the volunteers and the paperwork and the vendors, not to mention the design and we haven’t even started any demo or building yet.”
    • “Without Demian, we would never have a grand opening of a new playground on the calendar.  His effort for the entire community more than deserves this honor we have to give.”
    • “Demian has successfully brought together members of both the Whittier Elementary community and the general Whittier Heights and Greenwood neighborhoods to support the playground this project. His efforts will result in improvements for both our school and our community. A true Golden Acorn!”
    • “Demian saw the need for playground equipment upgrades and improvements, realized that money was tight at the district, sought out a grant that could be used for this project. He made a pitch to the PTA for their buy in to move forward, assembled a team of people to steer the process of applying for the grant, and engaged the community.  He lead the effort, delegated tasks, and was never too important to perform some very menial tasks related to the project (data entry, lots and lots of it). He engaged stakeholders (district employees, grantors, school administrators, PTA) along the way.” 
    • “Demian has spent countless hours in getting the grant and now making it happen. It is very impressive.”
    • “Thanks to Demian, we may have something we never could have had without his vision and build a bit of community along the way.”

    Past Golden Acorn Award Recipients

    2016-2017: Heidi Wachter, Karen Gustafson, and Amy Bryan.
    2015-2016: Casey Holden.