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    Whittier Dress Code

    Student dress should reflect health and safety standards and not detract from the educational program:
        -No flip-flops or skate shoes with wheels please!
        -Shorts and skirts should be at least fingertip length.
        -Shirts should cover shoulders. Halter tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops, or shirts that expose the midriff are not appropriate for school.
        -All hats, caps, visors, gloves, sunglasses, coats, etc. must be removed once inside the building.
        -Make up is discouraged.
        -Pants and shorts should be fastened securely at the waist.

    Please wear appropriate shoes for playing, participating in P.E., and general safety. We go outside even if it is raining, so students should always bring weather appropriate clothes!

    If a child is dressed inappropriately, parents may need to bring appropriate clothing to school.