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    Behavioral Expectations

    The Whittier community is committed to ensuring educational justice by creating an engaging, supportive and culturally responsive environment for all students, families and staff. Through teaching and nurturing the whole child, our staff strives to cultivate compassionate, resilient and creative children. 

    If you feel that your child or family may need support emotionally, behaviorally, socially, or academically, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. 

    If you need additional assistance contact Jason Sciarrone at or 206-252-1656.

    Positive Behavior Interventions & Support

    Whittier Staff Will:
    • Use proactive strategies to build positive relationships
    • Teach expectations and reinforce behaviors
    • Use positive interactions 
    • Use clear routines and schedules
    • Actively supervise students
    • Teach students to self-advocate  
    Whittier Students Will:
    • Be respectful, responsible and safe
    Whittier School Staff AND Students Will:
    • Take care of one another to ensure a safe and secure learning environment
    • Value mutual respect, civility, and caring
    • Listen to each other and respond with kindness
    When Moving Inside the Building:
    • Speak using a Level 1 or 2 voice
    • Stay to your right in halls and on the stairs
    • Always WALK indoors
    • Be respectful to staff and students
    • Use a HALL PASS to access restrooms, nurse’s office, or halls during the school day
    • Be in classrooms during instructional time, in the lunchroom during lunchtime, and on the playground during recess. Permission and supervision must be in place to be elsewhere during the school day
    • Students should never be alone in a classroom for any reason
    • Walk with a buddy. Whittier uses the “buddy system” so students are not alone. Students should stay with their buddy and walk safely and quietly in the halls
    When Using the Restroom:
    • Patiently wait your turn
    • Be private and respect others’ privacy
    • Throw paper towels away in the trash, not on the floor
    • Use the bathroom quickly and wash your hands before exiting the bathroom

    Behavior Management Response

    We strive to have eight positive interactions to every one time we need to re-direct or address a negative behavior. Building strong, positive and caring relationships is essential in fostering and maintaining a safe and vibrant learning community.

    If a student struggles socially/behaviorally we will work with the student and their family to put a plan in place to ensure the student is appropriately supported and able to find success at Whittier.

    More serious incidents such as leaving school grounds or possessing a weapon may require more significant actions on the part of the school and the school district. Please visit the SPS Discipline 2020-21 Documents to learn about SPS Discipline Matrix and more.