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School Zone Safety Reminders

We’ve had some near misses with students and vehicles lately, so we want to remind everyone of transportation zone rules around Whittier.

Pay attention to the “No Parking” signs – they are there for a reason! There is no parking allowed in bus zones, which means all of the west side of 13th Avenue NW, during drop-off and pick-up hours. Children can be dropped off and picked up along 14th Avenue NW and NW 77th Street. Click here for a diagram of driving/parking around Whittier.

There is also no parking or turning around in the area by the dumpsters next to the lunchroom and playground on 13th Avenue NW. Orange cones are now set up in that area to prevent vehicles from getting in.

If you park your car in the school load zones or bus zones during designated hours, you may be subject to a fine. While in a school zone, please slow down and watch for children crossing the street, and pay close attention to crossing guards and adults directing traffic. We are ALL responsible for keeping children safe.

Budget Survey Results

The PTA Budget Committee would like to thank all respondents for taking the time to complete the survey of school funding priorities. The results, along with the many comments received, will be carefully considered as the Budget Committee drafts the 2014-2015 Whittier PTA Budget for membership approval. If you have any questions, please contact one of the budget committee members (listed at the bottom of the link below).

Click her for a Budget Survey Summary.

New School Volunteer Requirements

Seattle Public Schools has a new requirement that all school volunteers complete an online course on Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention and sign off on the Volunteer Hand Book. Existing volunteers have until the end of the school year to view the Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention video and complete the online course. After course completion, volunteers will receive an online certificate to either email to the school office or print out and bring in.

All volunteers are required to read and sign the Volunteer Handbook at the time they sign up to volunteer.

Volunteers are required to take the online course on Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention and sign the Volunteer Agreement only once, but are required to fill out a WATCH background check form every year (available in the front office).

Help Needed for the K-1st Grade Wildcat Lunch

Our youngest Wildcats need volunteers to serve hot lunch Monday through Thursday (daily volunteer shift is 11:10-11:40 a.m.) If you can help on ANY day, please go to the following link: K-1st Wildcat Lunch Room Sign Up.

An extra helper is ALWAYS nice on Fridays. Helpers wipe down tables after lunch, help kids open difficult containers, assist with disposal of garbage, recyclables and compostables, and keep the noise level respectable.

School Breakfast is Open to Everyone
Whittier serves a nutritious breakfast every morning beginning at 8:20 a.m. to anyone who wishes to purchase it (besides those who qualify for free and reduced-price meals). In addition to a different daily entrée on the menu, students may also select from a variety of low-sugar cereals, 100% whole wheat toast, fresh and canned fruits or 100% fruit juice, and low-fat white milk.

Cost for breakfast is $1.75. Students can use their pre-paid meal account, or pay cash or with a check made out to Nutrition Services. For more information, see the Seattle Public Schools web page on School Meals.

PTA Communications - So Many Ways to Be in the Know

Throughout the year, Whittier Elementary PTA tries hard to keep students and their families informed of everything that’s happening at the school. We do this in numerous ways. Here’s a reminder of where to look for the latest Whittier news.
  • Kidmail: Every event, before- and after-school program, and news of any kind affecting the school goes home in Kidmail. PTA news generally goes home in Kidmail on Thursdays.
  • The WildChat is Whittier’s weekly email newsletter, put together by our volunteer WildChat Editor and sent out on Thursdays. It includes news and events, links to more information, and calls for volunteers.
  • Whittier website: Our volunteer Website Editor puts all events and news on the website, and updates it daily if necessary. Instead of checking the website on a regular basis, you can receive daily email digests alerting you to every news post and calendar item. Here’s how:
  1. Go to www.whittieres.seattleschools.org and log into your Seattle Public Schools account.
  2. Click on My Account, then Personal Settings, then Notifications.
  3. Under Recent Activity Notifications, you can sign up to receive a daily email of updates to the website, including news posts and calendar items.
  4. Under Setup Daily Digests, you can elect to receive a daily morning email of Whittier events for that day or the next day.
If you have information you’d like included in the WildChat, contact Nora Paille, WildChat Editor, at whittierwildchat@hotmail.com. For website updates, contact Website Editor Doree Armstrong at whittierwebsite@gmail.com.

Whittier Staff List 2013-14

Here is the list of all Whittier staff for 2013-14, including teachers (and their room numbers) and office and building staff:
  • Melissa Schweitzer – Principal
  • Melissa Ritter – Assistant Principal
  • Mary Pat Bowman – Administrative Secretary
  • Nancy Cutting – Office Assistant
  • Joan McDonagh – Nurse (M, T, Th)
  • Stephanie Turner-Busiel – Multi-Arts, Rm. 102
  • Carrie Narducci – Art, Rm. 103
  • Olivia Harrington – Kindergarten, Rm. 201
  • Kelsey Milligan – Kindergarten, Rm. 202
  • Jamie Slaven – Kindergarten, Rm. 203
  • Gail Smart – Kindergarten, Rm. 204
  • Mary Ann Crawford – 1st (Spectrum), Rm. 206
  • Shannon Mayo & Julie Childers – 1st, Rm. 207
  • Mariluz Pembe – 1st, Rm. 208
  • Margy Newton – 1st, Rm. 209
  • Kelsey Green – 2nd (Spectrum), Rm. 211
  • Heather Saddler – 2nd, Rm. 210
  • Darlene Eng-Kozu & Susan Niemann – 2nd, Rm. 212
  • Victoria Kemery – 3rd, Rm. 303
  • Jill McGrath – 3rd (Spectrum), Rm. 213
  • Mary Jo Maddeford – 3rd, Rm. 214
  • Elizabeth Engel – 4th (Spectrum), Rm. 302
  • Miranda Shoop – 4th, Rm. 304
  • Sara Dowsing – 4th, Rm. 307
  • Julia Ward – 5th, Rm. 305
  • Gillian Gordon-Smith – 5th (Spectrum), Rm. 30
  • Bryan Pule – P.E.
  • Mary Bannister – Librarian
  • Elisa McCulloch – Resource
  • Karen Green – Resource IA
  • Randall Davidson – Instrumental Music (Wed PM), Stage
  • Heidi Jaehning – Kitchen Manager
  • Than Sibounhevan – Head Custodian

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Contact Phone Numbers:
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