Welcome to the Whittier Library!

The Whittier Library has a regular library schedule for Whittier students, as well as open checkout times for students who want to visit the library more frequently. 

Kindergarteners and 1st graders will have check-out on their set library day (classroom teachers will let you know the schedule), and grades 2-5 will have a library skills lesson and checkout every other week. There are also various open library times for students to checkout new books and use the Makerspace. If your child is a quick reader, please encourage them to return book(s) any time during the week (there is a bin outside the library). This allows for faster restocking, giving other children an opportunity to read a great book! Students may return and checkout new books before and after school if the library is open.

Note: If you have overdue books from last year, it’s never too late to return them!

Library Due Dates and Fines:

All library books may be kept for 2 weeks before being marked as overdue. Students may renew books unless another student has placed the book(s) on hold.

There are no fines for late books, but students with more than two overdue items may not check out additional items until overdue materials are returned.

Lost or Damaged Materials:

In the event that a library book has been lost or damaged beyond repair, we ask that families pay for the book or replace it with a new or gently-used copy. Most titles can be found at your favorite local bookstore or online vendor. Please speak directly with the librarian prior to purchasing a replacement.

Behavior Expectations:

Be Safe

  • Always walk in the library
  • Keep your own personal space

Be  Respectful

  • Walk in quietly
  • Use a whisper voice
  • Stand behind line for checkout and patiently wait your turn

Be  Responsible

  • Treat books with care
  • Return books on time
  • Use shelf markers when browsing and put items back where they belong
  • Listen to adults and instructions

Contact Info:
Sarah Newcomb, Librarian

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