Whittier Elementary


Performing Arts

Performing Arts with Ms. Steph

Performing Arts at Whittier incorporates a blend of music, movement, and theater. The curriculum is based on annual themes, such as “Genres of Music” and “Global Performing Arts.” 

Within each unit, students explore musical and dramatic concepts using active listening, theatrical skills, and singing, as well as choreographed dance and movement games to connect body and rhythm. Through hands-on instruments, students examine steady beat and rhythmic differentiation. 

We also have “Artists in Focus,” which spotlights both historical and contemporary artists for each unit. In the past we have focused on a variety of artists, such as Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald, Johnny Cash, and Tito Puente.

All lessons are rooted in Common Core 21st Century Skills: creative and critical thinking, perseverance, growth mindset, communication, and collaboration. Through these skills, students demonstrate accrued knowledge and growth through reflection, collaboration, and discussion.

In keeping with tradition, every grade level will have a performance and a chance to shine.