Whittier Elementary

Whittier Elementary School


Whittier Elementary School

Whittier Elementary School is a K-5 elementary school located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle; it is part of the Seattle Public School District. We have a student body of about 400 students. We have a very active PTA that supports all aspects of our school.

Contact Information:
Office Phone: 206-252-1650
Attendance Phone: 206-252-1652
Fax: 206-252-1651

The “Whittier Way”

Whittier Elementary offers a strong academic program, terrific enrichment opportunities, and a caring community of dedicated teachers and highly involved families. Our nurturing atmosphere ensures that all kids reach their fullest potential — and have fun doing so! Our periodic all-school assemblies celebrate the “Whittier Way” — both our school song and a culture that emphasizes community, kindness and respect.

The Whittier community is committed to ensuring educational justice by creating an engaging,
supportive and culturally responsive environment for all students, families and staff.
Through teaching and nurturing the whole child, our staff strives to cultivate compassionate, resilient and creative children.

What Does Whittier Offer?

A Dynamic Learning Environment
Whittier offers strong academic and enhancement programs to stimulate the whole child. Our curriculum integrates reading, writing, math, arts, science, and social studies, enriched by varied experiences to develop his or her cultural, physical, and social growth.

Our talented teaching teams collaborate to build the curriculum from one level to the next. Teaching is geared to each student’s individual need, and progress is assessed through a variety of classwork, portfolios, and tests to measure standards. 

A Warm and Welcoming Community for Families
Whittier and it’s PTA host lots of fun and popular family events; past event include our famous Fall Carnival (since 1938!), concerts, STEM Fair, Family Game Night, Book Fair, and the Spring Arts Festival. There are also fundraising events such as the Annual Giving Campaign and a Spring Fling. Prospective parents are welcome to attend a PTA meeting or any of the PTA events.

We are fortunate to have fantastic families willing to devote time and resources to our school. There are many opportunities for parents to get involved, whether they have the time to physically be at school or not. Volunteers help in the classrooms, take on PTA events and activities, assist teachers with projects, and make their voices heard through local, state, and national PTAs. The PTA also raises funds for enrichment programs, events, equipment, and discretionary funds for teachers.

Fun Facts

Historical Touchstones
Whittier Elementary, originally Whittier School, first opened in 1908. Overcrowding in the original school building lead to the construction of a second building in 1928. Both buildings were demolished in 1998, and the current school building opened in 1999.

The current building features a stained glass window and keystone from the 1928 building. A maritime theme reflecting Ballard’s history is carried out in designs on the exterior and interior of the building.

Who Was John G. Whittier?
Whittier School, originally opened in 1908, was named in honor of John Greenleaf Whittier , a 19th century poet, author, and abolitionist. Read about John G. Whittier’s fascinating life.

Sea Serpent Sighting
The smiling sea serpent meandering through the Whittier playground is named Snorkel.

Whittier Theme Song – Paws Up For Wildcats

Who are we? 
We are wildcats!

We’re Whittier Wildcats  
The second that Bell Rings 
Walk to our class
focused on task 
ready for learning 

we walk in the hallways 
with quiet voices 
 learn from mistakes 
that’s what it takes 
making good choices 

respect ourselves and others 
yellow and blue are our colors 

Whittier is proud we’re going to shout out loud
responsibility respect and safety 
paws up for Wildcats

Out on the playground
Working together
Sharing with friends 
We can depend
 on one another

We have a shared dream
We are a great team
Respectful and kind
Help in a bind
Stronger than ever

If problems come
We solve em
Conflict’s no fun
We’ll Resolve em

Whittier is proud we’re going to shout out loud
responsibility respect and safety 
paws up for Wildcats