Whittier Elementary


Visual Arts

Visual Arts with Mr. Buck

Visual Arts education offers so many unique opportunities, and here at Whittier we try to take full advantage of that. We emphasize exploring cultures through Art as students become competent talking about different techniques, movements, and styles. 

Creating a safe, creative space for students to express themselves and collaborate with others is the first concern. Exposing students to various materials and processes in the 2D and 3D realm is a top priority as well. Many students give up on Art around 6th grade because they feel like they can’t draw realistically. If they can feel successful in just a few areas of the visual arts world, they will be more prepared to go out and face the world as more creative individuals.

The curriculum is rooted in Disciplines-Based Art Education: art history, aesthetics, critique, and production. Within these parameters, students are free to create and modify in order to explore their interests and create projects they can be proud of and enjoy talking about and sharing. Seattle School District’s standards for Art also provide us with the direction and goals for attaining new skills and progressing as artists.