Whittier Elementary


Physical Education

Welcome to Mr. Pule’s P.E. Palace!

The Whittier P.E. Program is “success-oriented,” with emphasis on individual skill building, small and large group activities, and the creation of a safe, cooperative environment. Sometimes children are turned off to physical activities because they are thrown into large games with underdeveloped skills. They may not be successful and will seek to avoid repeat experiences. At Whittier, students are introduced to many different skills and activities in a manner that helps them succeed and will hopefully lead to a lifetime of activity…whatever they choose to pursue. 

Whittier students juggle, roller skate, do archery, use throwing/catching skills, bowl, bike, unicycle, and so much more. First- through fifth-graders will track their improvements and achievements in their own P.E. Portfolio over the course of the year. 

The Seattle School District’s P.E. curriculum is called Five for Life and will emphasize the 5 concepts of physical education. They are:

  • cardio-respiratory endurance
  • muscular endurance
  • muscular strength
  • flexibility
  • body composition

Students will set goals, keep track of their progress, and strive to improve. Remember: fitness challenges are best used as helpful information and openings to discuss continuing health and activity. 

Mr. Pule also heads up many school-wide health-promoting programs, including…

  • Unicycling:  Whittier has a strong unicycle tradition, with Mr. Pule and experienced riders bringing new riders into the fold all year long. Before Times, One-Wheeled WildCats rode in four parades throughout the year! Gym is open at lunch/regular recesses (when possible) to learn, train, and improve skills. Riders may check school unicycles out overnight and/or weekends. In the 2019-20 school year, Whittier had 150 riders with 178 being our record. Level One riders earn our unicycle shirt: One Wheel To Rule Them All.
  • Before- and After-School Recreation (subject to Covid-19 Restrictions):  WildCats may come to the gym to get physical twice a week before school year-round (no cost) and/or after school during Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. Awesome way to get the brain going before or after sitting at a desk! Registration required. Read more about Before-and After-School Recreation soon.
  • Whittier Running Club: All Wildcats are welcome to jog/walk every day during recesses (weather permitting) as part of the Wildcat Running Club. It is free and open to all. Students record their own distance (it’s an honor system, be pono!) and earn a foot token for every 1 mile completed (8 laps around the playground = 1 mile).

 This is a great way to be active during the school day, so come on out and start a Running Club card. Walk and talk! Jog with friends! Set your goal! Strive for success!
  • Walk and Wheel Month:  in October, WildCats and their families are encouraged to get to school by foot, bike, roller skates, scooters, skateboards — let’s get out of our cars! Read more about Whittier Walk and Wheel Month coming soon.
  • Screen-Free Weeks and Activity Nights (subject to Covid-19 Restrictrions):  WildCats are challenged 2-3 times a year to go “Screen-Free” for a week.  Mr. Pule hosts an evening of fun activities for the whole family in the gym during these “Screen-Free Weeks” to encourage life off-screen.
  • Bike-to-School Month : In May, Mr. Pule organizes fun month-long activities and incentives to encourage bicycle commuting and mentor new riders. Bike Commute Month is a great follow-up to Whittier’s April/May Bicycle Skills and Safety Unit. Read more about Bike (Unicycle) Everywhere Month to be updated soon.