Whittier Elementary

Physical Education

Whittier Bicycle Safety and Skills Unit

Information for Families

PLEASE NOTE: There will be changes to 2020-21 programs due to the COVID-19 school building closures.

Whittier recognizes that riding a bicycle is an important part of growing up. We also recognize that each year many children are injured while riding bicycles. To help prevent this, Whittier students are offered a program that will teach them to be better, safer bicycle riders. The Basics of Bicycling program will teach basic traffic skills through class lessons and practice riding sessions held on school grounds. 

Helmets, Shoes, and Clothing
Because head injuries are the most serious kind of bicycle injury and the easiest to prevent, each child will be required to wear an approved bicycle helmet whenever riding during the program. Children who have their own properly-fitted helmets must bring them to school for their gym week (name clearly visible on front on tape). Several helmets will be available for those who do not have one, but it is strongly encouraged to have your own.

Also, students MUST wear sneakers or closed-toe shoes as well as practical clothing to participate.

Students may also bring their own bicycles during their week (Mon-Fri) in the gym. Their name must be clearly visible on bike and/or helmet, and the bicycle must be in good working condition*. It is best if bikes can travel home each day, but bikes may be stored in the gym if needed.  You may lock it up, but must provide your own lock and know how to use it. The gym will be locked each evening. Bicycles will be provided for those who do not live nearby, do not have a bicycle, or have a bicycle that needs maintenance.  Students who feel comfortable lending their bike to another student may tag it for easy identification; it will only be used if necessary, as we are sometimes short larger frame bikes.

Learners and Rusty Riders
There are many students who are in the process of learning how to ride a bicycle. I understand that this is a big step in any child’s life. Not to worry…learners will have the opportunity to practice in a safe, positive environment. All that is needed is effort and a good attitude.

To assist in our efforts, please remove training wheels if the student is using his or her own bicycle before the first class. I will have several smaller-sized learning bikes available. Also, take advantage of our extra after-school bike practice sessions available before and during the bike unit (for Learners or Rusty Riders only). A schedule was sent to kindergarten classes and can be emailed to any Wildcat bspule@seattleschools.org upon request.

Bike Week Agenda
Monday will be an intro day. Tuesday-Friday, students will participate in 2 skill stations for a total 7-8 stations.